Private Duty Nursing in Omaha, NE and Surrounding Areas

We offer comprehensive in-home medical care for your loved ones while placating your worries and fears.

You might have a family caregiver already present in your home; however, he or she might not be able to keep up with the ever-increasing medical needs of your loved one. Comfort Keepers® can step in to supplement the care your senior is receiving. Our private duty nurses can adequately provide assisted living services to those individuals within and near Omaha, NE so that they do not have to stay confined in a nursing facility.

Do not be content with simply hiring someone to pull double-duty for homemaking and taking care of your loved ones. Employ Comfort Keepers® today and give your loved ones much-needed respite.

Defining Private Duty Nursing

Private duty nursing refers to a personalized medical care service tailored for an individual confined at home or in a facility. Private duty nurses are not intended to fully replace the individual’s existing caregivers; instead, the nurse focuses on offering medical services which frees the caregiver for homemaking tasks. We want our clients to enjoy full care services, both medical and in-home, so we create custom care solutions to further enhance an individual’s current care system.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Comfort Keepers® employs a team of home health licensed practical nurses and registered nurses to administer private duty care. They are trained and authorized to perform the following medical tasks:

•    Arranging weekly medications in pill boxes or in automatic dispensing machines while ensuring the individual takes the medications on time

    Giving out oral and topical medications, as well as other medicines such as eye and eardrops, injections, nebulizers, inhalants, and oxygen

    Offering personal medical care services, which include nail trimming, oral cavity suctioning, bowel supervision, and more

    Topping off insulin shots, assessing blood sugar levels and physician-ordered sliding scale doses for the patient, and preparing insulin for succeeding inoculations

    Maintaining the upkeep of ostomy and catheter systems on a patient while keeping the individual’s hygiene

•    Training family members of the individual to administer basic care

Our private duty nurses are always available to provide assisted living services to individuals within and near Omaha, NE. Clients have the option of arranging for regularly scheduled visits or even hourly care beyond predetermined shifts for those instances of emergencies. We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that our clients receive adequate in-home care services. To that end, we coordinate closely with the individual’s medical professionals and family so that the client receives full care from all those involved.

What is Private Duty Nursing?

In contrast to Comfort Keepers' traditional in-home care services, this type of nursing provides one-on-one medical care to an individual in the home or in a facility. Private duty nurses provide the higher level of care while working in tandem with the caregiver who is providing companion-homemaker services along with personal care services. Our goal is to provide the customized care needed by a client, all from one agency.

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